The IRB presents a new webinar on the second Thursday of every month during the academic calendar year.  The presentations start at 12 pm and typically last about 30 minutes. See below for specific dates and topics that will be presented. Following the live presentation, the recording of the webinar and Q&A session will be archived for easy access. 

We appreciate your feedback completing the survey available the day of the webinar.  The survey will be up a month to receive your input.  For additional feedback, questions about the webinars, or would like to recommend a topic, please contact Maria Davila at maria.davila@emory.edu

2019 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Listen to Audio or Access Slides Data Migration Dates, Revised Documents for New Submissions, and Other News!  9/12/2019 Link
Listen to Audio or Access Slides Withdrawal or Termination of Study Participation:  How to Handle  8/8/2019 Not Active

Listen to Audio or Access Slides

Revised Common Rule Requirement (for RAS and OSP) 8/7/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording or Access Slides Reportable Event  (RE) submission in the New eIRB system plus changes to the RE and non-human subject research determination review process 7/11/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording or Access Slides New eIRB System: Current Information 6/13/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording or Access Slides Adding New Grants to Existing IRB Submissions 5/09/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording All Things Reliance 2.0: Single IRB Frequently Asked Questions 4/11/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording or Access Slides Relying on WIRB: Process Review 3/14/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording or Access Slides Informed Consent: Concise Presentation of Key Information 2/14/2019 Not Active
Watch Recording Q&A With the IRB 1/10/2019 Not active


2018 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Watch Recording or access the Slides Common Rule Implementation Plan-Latest Information 12/13/2018 Not active
Watch Recording or access Slides

Common Rule Implementation and Emory- 2 of 2

11/8/2018 Not active
Watch Recording or access  Slides

Common Rule implementation and Emory- 1 of 2

10/11/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

Emory + Children’s Pediatric Institute Overview

9/13/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

Electronic Data: Security Concerns in Research

5/10/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

All Things Reliance: Using a Single IRB and Other Emory Processes for Multi-Site Studies

4/12/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs and Devices: Emory IRB’s Revised Review Procedures

3/8/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

Common Rule Changes for Informed Consent: Plans for Implementation

2/8/2018 Not active
Watch Recording

Summary of Changes to the Common Rule and NIH Single IRB Policy

1/11/2018 Not active

2017 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Watch Recording

How to Share:  The Nuts and Bolts of Human Subject Data Transfers

11/9/2017 Not active
Watch Recording

Reportable Events at Continuing Review: What do I need to submit to the IRB?

10/12/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Upcoming Changes Affecting Human Subjects' Research: Single IRB, Common Rule and NIH updates 9/14/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Changes in Study  Procedures or Funding: is a new study needed? (slides) 8/10/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Subject Complaints: what to report to the IRB 5/11/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Compensation in Research 4/13/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Research with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (slides)      3/9/2017 Not active
Watch Recording Certificates of Confidentiality: protecting privacy and confidentiality (slides) 2/9/2017 Not active
Watch Recording  Family Members as Interpreters: Review of Emory Guidance (guidance and slides 1/12/2017 Not active

2016 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Watch Recording Social Media and Recruitment (slides) 11/10/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Setting up Databases, Registries and Sample Repositories: Important Guidelines (slides) 10/13/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Genetic Research: Informed consent information (slides) 9/8/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Emory HIPAA policy changes affecting research (slides) 8/11/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Non-human Subjects Research Determination (slides) 5/12/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Closing a Study with the IRB (slides) 4/14/2016 Not active
Watch Recording IRB Training Requirements (slides) 3/10/2016 Not active
Watch Recording Informed Consent Process Documentation: from in-person to mail/phone informed consent process (slides) 1/14/2016 Not active

2015 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Watch Recording Research in Prisoners and Recently Incarcerated Subjects 11/12/2015 Not active
Watch Recording NPRM for Revisions to the Common Rule 10/8/2015 Not active
Watch Recording Collaborative Research: Handling IRB Concerns 9/10/2015 Not active
Watch Recording International Research: General Considerations (slides) 5/14/2015 Not active
Watch Recording
Continuing Review Considerations (slides) 4/9/2015 Not active

Watch Recording

Screening Procedures: What is Covered by a Partial HIPAA Waiver and What is Not (slides) 3/12/2015 Not active
Download Video New Study Submissions to the IRB (slides) 2/12/2015 Not active

Watch Recording

Data Breaches: Avoiding Them and What to Do If They Happen (slides) 1/8/2015 Not active

2014 Webinars

Access Title Date Survey
Watch Recording

What Types of Projects Require IRB Review? (slides)

12/11/2014 Not active

Watch Recording

An Overview of the ICF Process (slides) 11/13/2014 Not active
Watch Recording

Single Use Expanded Access IND/IDE (slides)

10/9/2014 Not active
Watch Recording Emory IRB Reporting Requirements for UPs, NC, and Protocol Deviations (slides) 9/11/2014 Not active
Watch Recording Internet Research Ethics and the IRB (slides) 8/14/2014 Not active
Watch Recording Research Specimen Banking (slides) 7/10/2014 Not active
Watch Recording Informed Consent Documentation: How to do it right! (slides) 6/12/2014 Not active
Watch Recording Getting Your ICF Approved on the First Try (slides) 5/8/2014 Not active