Meeting Teams and Schedule

The following schedule applies to applications requiring IRB review at a fully convened meeting, not to those eligible for expedited review.  Expedited reviews are conducted on a rolling basis, as are determinations of exemption and non-human subjects research. 

All meetings start at 4 pm and are currently held via Zoom, with a link provided to attendees in advance.

Observations of IRB Meetings: Please contact the facilitators for the meeting you wish to observe, below, and include a completed nondisclosure agreement. We will only be able to accomodate requests made at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled meetings. Please be sure your Zoom name matches the name on the nondisclosure agreement you provide in advance so that you can be admitted from the waiting room. Thanks for your understanding!

Compliance (Q) *closed to observation
Jackson Parker
Kalifa Alexander

1st Wednesday

 1st Thursday

2nd Wednesday 

3rd Wednesday 

4th Tuesday 

3rd Thursday 


Full contact information is under "Research Protocol Analysts" tab here:


Overview of Committees

Committees A & B
Committee C
Committee Q
Unanticipated Problems 
Meets 5x/month:
First Three Wednesdays
1st Thursday
4th Tuesday
Meets as needed; most studies are expeditable

Meets 1x/month:
3rd Thursday


November 2020 Revised Holiday Schedule (no changes to December 2020 schedule)
Asterisk (*) denotes a rescheduled meeting

Date Day Panel
11/4 Wednesday B1
11/5 Thursday B2
11/11 Wednesday A1
11/17 (*) Tuesday B3
11/18 Wednesday A2
11/19 Thursday Q


December 2020 Reminders

Submit your Continuing Review Applications early if your study expires during Winter Recess or beginning of January 
Review this list or check your expiration date for studies expiring between 12/24/2020 and 1/17/2021 (if the study is no more than minimal risk) or 12/24/2020 and 1/24/2021 (if your study needs review by the Full Board).  The IRB office will be closed during the Emory Winter Recess that runs from 12/24/2020 through 1/3/2021.  We need enough time before the break to screen and place the items on a Full Board meeting in January or earlier, if applicable.  We will need your submissions by 12/11/2020 (and the earlier the better). 

New study and Modification submissions

If your study or modification requires full board review before the start of the winter break, please submit new eIRB submissions by 12/4/2020 (if clarifications are requested during screening, please submit your response by 12/11/2020 in order for it to be reviewed before the break).  For new studies and modifications that need to be reviewed in the first meeting in January (1/6/2021), submit in eIRB by 12/11/2020 (if clarifications are requested during screening, please submit your response by 12/18/2020 in order for it to be reviewed in the first meeting of the new year). Contact our staff leadership if you have any questions.