Staff & Members

Name Title
Clifford Gunthel, MD Co-Chair, Biomedical Committee B1
Aryeh Stein, PhD Co-Chair, Biomedical Committee Q
Jill Perry-Smith, PhD Vice Chair, Sociobehavioral Committee C
Larry Tune, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee A1
Carlton Dampier, MD Vice-Chair, Biomedical Committee A2
Amelia Langston, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B2
Ann Haight, MD Vice Chair, Biomedical Committee B3
Name Title Phone
Rebecca Rousselle, BA, CIP Assistant Vice President for the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) (404) 712-0785
Carol Corkran, MPH, CIP Assistant Director (404) 712-8545
Shara Karlebach, WHNP-BC, CIP
Assistant Director, QA/Education Team (404) 712-0727
Julie Martin, RN, M.Ed., CIP Assistant Director, Reliance Team (404) 712-0218

For complaints, please call any member of the Staff Leadership or Education/QA team.  You can also contact us on our toll-free number at 1-877-503-9797.

Name Title Phone
Vacant Reliance Protocol Analyst 
Vacant Reliance Protocol Analyst

All analysts process both biomedical and socio-behavioral studies, but those with a more socio-behavioral focus are denoted by "SHB". Renewals are abbreviated as "CRs". 

Name Title Phone
Jackson Parker, BA, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 727-1674
Sam Roberts, BA, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (SHB) (404) 712-0761
Daniel Roysden, PH.D., ThM - VA Liason Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9749
Vacant Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (SHB) (404) 712-0736
Anisha Thompson, MPH, CIP Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-8548
Vacant Sr. Research Protocol Analyst
Kalifa Alexander, MPH Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0792
Patricia Leslie, BA Research Protocol Analyst TBD
Ksenia Lyon, MPA Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-8549
Briana Rotterman, MA, MS Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-7624
Reonna Taylor, MPH Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-0216
Skyler Tordoya Henkel, BS Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-1837
Chelsea Cassara, BS Analyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB) (404)712-9721
Brook Cabrera Analyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB) (404) 727-8485
Matthew DeHaai Analyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB) TBD
Jennifer Hardrick Analyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB) (404) 712-6486
Beth Poplaski Analyst Assistant (CR/WIRB/CIRB) (404) 727-1510
Name Title Phone
Jessica Blackburn, MPH, CIP
QA and Education Lead Research Protocol Analyst (404) 712-9698
Jackson Parker, BA, CIP QA and Education Sr. Research Protocol Analyst (404) 727-1674
Briana Rotterman, MA, MS QA and Education Research Protocol Analyst (404)-712-7624

For complaints, please call any member of the Education/QA team or call us at our toll-free number at 1-877-503-9797

First Name Last Name Degree(s) VA member? Expertise
Jeremy Ackerman MD/PhD No Emerg Med, radiology
Nadia Ali PhD No Genetics, psychology
Ana Antun MD No Hematology & Oncology
Kim Baio RN No Cardio (NPS)
Brenda Baker PhD No Maternal/Child Health, Prison
Holly Bauser-Heaton MD No Pediatrics, Cardiology
Sarah Benator JD No Healthcare Adm Law, Public Health
Heather Bloom MD Yes Cardiology
Milton Brown PhD No Peds, endocrinology
Hui Cai MD Yes Nephrology/Physiology
Wayne Carriker MA No Prisoner representative
Krista Charen MPH No Genetics
Charles Craig MA No Self-employed; bioethics, journalism
Carlton Dampier MD No Pediatrics, sickle cell/hematology, CHOA
Laura Deane RN No Risk management, malpractice, EHC
Geneva Edwards MHA, MS, BSN RN-BC  Yes RN Accreditation Specialist
Badi El-Osta MD Yes Head and Neck Cancers
A. Jay Freeman MD No Gastroenterology-Pediatric
Manila Gaddh MD No Hematology
James R. Galt PhD No Radiology
Natalie Gonzalez JD No public health (CDC), law
Michael Gottschalk MD No Orthopedic Surgery
Mary Gullatte PhD/RN No Nursing Admin/Oncology
Clifford Gunthel MD No Infectious Disease/Oncology
Ann Haight MD No Cancer, pediatrics, hematology, immunology, bone marrow transplant
Russ Havlak MS No Consent/Assent; epidemiology; community
Demaris Henderson No Community participation/outreach
Andrew Hendrick MD No Ophthalmology, retinology
David Hirsh MD Yes Cardiophysiology
Sarah Marie Huban MA No IRBs, research ethics
Jeryl Huckaby RRT, MS No Pediatrics, pulmonology
William Hutton DSc No Orthopedics, engineering, cell biology, skeletal anatomy
Heidi Karpen MD No Neonatology, CHOA 
Richard Kuerston MBA No Neurology Adm/Business
Dawn Laney MS, CGC No Genetics
Laura Britan Lang MPH Yes VA Coordinator/Rehab
Amelia Langston MD No Cancer, hematology, infectious disease, early phase drug trials
Rebecca LeLeiko MD No Cardiology
Jolinta Lin MD No Radiation Oncollogy
Joel Lindsey BA No Self-employed; ethics, writing
Devon LoParo PhD No Psychology
Jean Luan BS No Genetics
Kreton Mavromatis MD Yes VA, cardiology
Abeer Moanna MD Yes VA DESIGNATED REVIEWS- Infectious Diseases
Minh Ly Nguyen MD No Infectious Disease/HIV, Grady
Ajay Nooka MD No Hematology 
Gabriela Oprea MD No Pathology, Oncology
Cynthia Oster PhD, RN No Cardio/ICU
Taofeek Owonikoko MD, PhD No Medical Oncology
Saimuralidhar Padala PhD No Cardio, devices
Monica Willis Parker MD No Neurology, Community Research
Madeline Peyton CIP No IRBs (Piedmont Hospital IRB)
Joe Posid MPH No epi, infectious disease, bioterrorism
Shreya Raja MD Yes Digestive Diseases
Susan Ray MD No Infectious disease, adult vaccines, public health, internal medicine
Roger Rochat MD No Maternal/Child Health, Public Health
Marty Rotter BA No Human services administration
Patrick Saunders BA No Community views, journalism
Mindy Scheithauer PhD No Psychology, pediatrics, autism
Danielle Schlafer PharmD No Oncology drugs
Walid Shaib MD No Oncology (pancreas, colorectal, liver, stomach)
Morgan Simmons MMSc,CGC No Genetics
Timothy Slesnick MD No Pediatric cardiology (including cardio MRI) 
Aryeh Stein PhD No Public health, nutrition, epidemiology
Conor Steuer MD No Oncology and  Hematology (head and neck)
Minal Surati PharmD No Pharmacy-Winship
Michael Treadway PhD No Psychology
Larry Tune MD No Clinical trials, esp. pharmaceutical trials; psychiatry; neurology; PET scanning
Kathy Vo BA No Business
Deborah Wittig-Wells PhD, RN No Nursing
David Ziemer MD, MPH No Endocrinology and Metabolism