Does My Project Need IRB Review?

The IRB is responsible for reviewing human subjects research and ensuring that it is conducted in accordance with applicable federal regulations and institutional policies.  As such, it is important for you to know whether a project is actually considered "human subjects research."

First we consider, what is "research?"

The federal regulations (45 CFR 46) define research as a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.

Secondly, what constitutes a "human subject?"

The regulations define a human subject as a living individual about whom an investigator conducting research obtains (1) Data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) Identifiable private information.

If you think that your project is indeed research involving human subjects, you can go ahead and submit your project in the eIRB system for IRB review.  If, however, you are unsure whether your project meets the definition, you may click the button below to submit basic information about your project to the IRB.  After receiving the information, the IRB will provide a determination about whether your project should be submitted in eIRB for formal review.