Access the Non-Human Subject Research Determination Form

As described in the preceding page, the IRB is responsible for reviewing all human subjects research activities.  If you are relatively sure that your upcoming project meets the definition of "human subjects research," you may go ahead and submit the study in the eIRB system.  If, however, you are unsure whether your project needs IRB review, you should use our Non-Human Subjects Research Determination Electronic Form by clicking the button below.  This form will indicate if the study needs IRB submission or not. If not, the study team is expected to keep a copy of the form responses as an attestation of the researchers’ intent for the project. For more information, refer to this memo.  The responses from the form and this memo can be provided to others as needed.

This form is solely for use by Emory faculty, staff, and students. You may first need to log in to your Office365 account ( in your internet browser before clicking the below link in order to view the form. 

Carter Center Employees* must follow the below instructions to access the form



*Instructions for Carter Center Employees ONLY:

  1. Go to
  2. Log out of your Carter Center account
  3. When the login screen refreshes, select your Emory email
  4. Log in with your NetID 
  5. Open a new tab in your browser
  6. Navigate back to this page and click the link to the form