IRB Review Types

The decision as to what kind of review a study initially undergoes cannot be made by the investigator. An IRB analyst will assign a study to a particular type of review in accordance with federal regulations. From there the Board or Designated Review will determine what sort of future review the study will undergo.

Given the nature of biomedical research, most studies with any sort of clinical intervention end up being initially reviewed by the fully convened IRB. Therefore, biomedical studies should be submitted to the IRB well ahead of other required reviews (e.g grant deadlines). Research proposals without such interventions may fall into the other categories, depending on the particulars of the protocol.

Additional resources for researchers can be found on our PoliciesTraining, and Forms pages. Please note that all researchers performing human subjects at Emory, or under the authority of Emory, are required to pass the appropriate CITI course. Those perfoming clinical research may need to obtain certification in additional training and education courses.