eIRB Training

In addition to the instructional videos below, please see Page Level Help for detailed text on each part of the new eIRB system.

Videos: New eIRB System

Real-life Scenarios

Inbox, Workspace, and Workflow Overview

Initial Study Submission

Continuing Review and Modification Submission
Relying on an External IRB
Reportable New Information Submission
Assigning PI Proxy/Primary Contact
  • Highly recommended. the PI Proxy can create and submit Modifications and Continuing Reviews, and respond to changes requested by the IRB.
  • There can be multiple PI Proxies, but only one Primary Contact.
  • Note: These assignments must be done by the PI in the main study workspace (cannot be done from within a Modification or Continuing Review). Use "Assign PI Proxy" activity.

Managing pSites for Multi-Site Study

Individual/Group Sessions

If you've reviewed the step-by-step video instructions and the page-level help but you still have questions, we're here for you! In order to set up a Zoom session, or to have the IRB come to your department for assistance on specific questions related to submitting in eIRB, please:

  • send an email to our listserv at irb@emory.edu
  • or call the main line at 404-712-0720

Additional How-to Guides