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New to Emory?

If you are a new investigator at Emory, we encourage you to make an appointment with the IRB to take stock of your studies and prepare a plan for a smooth transfer of your research projects. Please visit the About page for general contact information and a list of IRB staff, or send us an email at irb@emory.edu.

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What's New at the IRB?

The Common Rule is Revised -- but under temporary moratorium

DHHS's revised "Common Rule" governing human subjects research was finally published, and will become effective January 19, 2018 (except for the single-IRB requirement for cooperative research, which is two years later). However, there is a 60 day moratorium in effect at the moment. For summaries of the very significant changes (including removal of continuing review requirement for most minimal risk studies), please see these links:

PRIM&R's website for the revised common rule: http://www.primr.org/commonrule/

Redline of the old vs new rules: http://www.verrilldana.com/files/uploads/Images/Redline-of-Final-Revised-Common-Rule-FINAL-DRAFT_1-19-2017.pdf 

A Social Scientist's Guide to the New Rule: http://www.institutionalreviewblog.com/2017/01/a-social-scientists-guide-to-final-rule.html

IRB Webinar on Certificates of Confidentiality: Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality

On February 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm, the Emory IRB delivered a webinar focused on Certificates of Confidentiality: Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality. The presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes.  A link to the webinar, as well as recordings of other past webinars, can be found on the Webinars page.

More details and archived items on the News page